About Us

About CL Waterware

CL Waterware is a leading manufacturer of PP Compression Fitting, mainly for Plumbing of Construction, Building Material for Internal Housing, and Agricultural, Beautification & Lawn Use. We also offer Short Arm & Long Arm Field Sprinkler, Flower Pot, Plastic Belt-Hun Kun Band, and Tubing Pipe.
With 20 years in the business and hundreds of completed projects, we granted good reputation at both local & international market & have distributors throughout Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines. 
Core values of CL Waterware are as follows:-

Customer satisfaction
Our aim is to provide fairest price & quality product resulting in value to the customer. We take pride in producing cost-effective product by utilising latest technology of mould making & servo injection machinery. 

Innovation of product
We strive to develop better solution to improve functionality of products. At present, we are glad to introduce you our latest development, Easy Fit Compression Fitting. It had been improved by its flexibility to do installation & is also characterized by its unique Eagle Ring™ to tightly grasp the pipe.

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